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What is Pandora?

Pandora will make your toes curl. It's seductive desire once lost and now found. It's taking control and enjoying every moment of it. Pandora is empowered pleasure. Unleash it!

Who Should Take Pandora?

You're an adventurous woman. You seize the moment and explore every aspect of your sexuality. You never apologize for your passion, and you enjoy every aspect of being pleased.

Why Should You Take Pandora?

You want more, and sometimes more is not enough. You are looking for that elusive leg-shaking, finger-clawing, goose-bump giving "O." You're never scared of pushing the button or opening the box.

When Should You Take Pandora?

On a wild night out on the town with the girls! On a weekend beach trip with your hubby! You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and you're looking for trouble. Whenever you are ready to take what's yours.

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